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Web design

Magical Getaway sites

I worked as a contractor of the Hotel Corps, an affiliated company with West Gate Resorts of Orlando, Florida, to create eye-catching websites to make people buy a timeshare. These websites were small but required a modern layout and they all focused on user experience and usability, putting a special interest in A / B testing. In addition, I worked in the back-end UI development (HTML, Javascript, and CSS).

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    Hotel Corps

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    UI, Web design and usability

Web Design

Background Investigation Bureau 2014

This was the interface for the website design for Background Investigation Bureau LLC. 

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    Web design contract.

Web and UX Designs, Back-end development

Ven Para Orlando

Ven Para Orlando is a website dedicated to vacation rentals in the Orlando area in Spanish. In this project I put all my skills to the test, from creating the data elements of the data system tables, creating a parallel site to administer on-site using Coldfusion programming (not templates), designing the UI elements used,  usability studies, wireframing different design concepts, and branding development.

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    Ven Para Orlando, Orlando

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    2007 -2020

Branding, Graphic Arts


These are samples of my digital graphic designs, branding development, print media, and digital illustration 

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