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Florida Blue Mobile App

Case Study

Florida Blue Mobile App - Project Overview

In March 2015 Florida Blue wanted to switch the responsive features of their members’ website into a mobile application where members could access their accounts, see the benefits and claims, and above all manage their health plans from their mobile devices. Florida Blue has approximately 4 million health care members and serves 15.5 million people in 16 states through its affiliated companies.

This initiative was planned to happen in several stages, and I was the lead UX designer to come up with the idealization and design consent of this application.

Visualizing the Requirements

Activity Diagrams

The requirements for this app were very intensive, and after reading and analyzing the documentation, I decided to divide the required sections by functionality to identify which were more likely to be the most important for the user to interact. To achieve this goal, I created a series of sticky notes to help me synthesize the requirements. This later helped me to define the usability problems that I encountered during the idealization process. The activity diagrams were created after this process.  These diagrams helped me to start to “think outside the box” to identify new solutions to problems encountered.

Screen Details

Wireframe | Design consent (Sample)

My approach to the design consent was to detail the functionalities that occurred within each segment, screen by screen. That helped me to focus on each section to give the user the best of both worlds initially (access to greater details within a section, while minimizing content on the screen). I believe that this approach emphasizes better usability and user experience. However, this part of the idealization process began with a ‘set of drawings’ (using pen and paper) that I created earlier to help me with the consent reflected on the wireframes.

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